SculptGL is a web sculpting application, powered by WebGL and JavaScript. Source code on github here.
It is a port from a previous C++ school project that I made at the University of Montréal as an exchange student.
You can find the C++ application here. It is less advanced than the web version, and I won't maintain it.

It features dynamic and adaptive topological tools, as well as more classical sculpting tools, such as drag, brush or smooth.

Adaptive sculpting enables changes in the topological genus (holes and merges).
The technique is based on lucian stanculescu's freestyle paper.
Inflate is the best tools to trigger topological changes.
Adaptive sculpting might be a little buggy... (don't use it with a mesh that already contains self-intersection or on the border of a mesh).

Right now, best performance are reached on Chrome.

Shortcuts so far :

or watch the gallery